Welcome to BCSFA!


BCSFA was founded in January 1970. Been around a long time.

Currently a loose social group for veterans of BCSFA, the VCON conventions, and WCSFA (West Coast SF Association, the registered society which oversees VCON, our annual SF&F convention which has been running off and on since 1971.)

This site has been created to:

a) Distribute our clubzine BCSFAzine in order to promote the club and entertain fans everywhere.

( Alas, currently on hiatus. #550 was the last issue. Revival depends on a new editor volunteering their service. ) 

b) Arrange monthly get-togethers once Covid is gone, probably in the form of dinner meetings at restaurants.

( Not yet happening. ) 

c) Support the ongoing VCON conventions to the best of our ability.

( Remains to be seen if the convention can be revived. As yet not enough financial or volunteer support. )

d) Carry out other projects to promote SF&F in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and possibly elsewhere in B.C. depending on the whim and will of members as they see fit.

( This according to our mandate to promote SF&F. We haven’t done anything in a long time. )

Currently BCSFA is dormant and inactive. It’s future is on hold. But that can change if eager newcomers get involved.

I maintain a BCSFA Facebook page which, among other things, contains albums of photographs re: past BCSFA events and VCONS. But it could also serve as a forum for discussing reviving BCSFA.

Check it out at:  British Columbia Science Fiction Association | Facebook

— R. Graeme Cameron