FaceBook Page Connected!

Set up a BCSFA Facebook page linking to this site and begun a campaign to get more people involved.

I’ve nominated Moss Whelan to be Chair of BCSFA (filling a position long left vacant). He has accepted.

The December issue of BCSFAzine is available for free download in the back issues section. 70 pages includes an 8-page report on the future of VCON Webinar held recently, a review of the 1975 William Shatner movie “Devil’s Rain,” some 20 pages on Norman G. Browne, who founded the Vancouver SF Society back in 1951, and lots more nifty SF&F stuff.

This site, long dormant because of access difficulties, is now back in operation. Expect frequent postings and an ever-growing accumulation of interesting archive material available for perusal.

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