BCSFA was founded in January 1970. Been around a long time.

Currently a loose social group for veterans of BCSFA, the VCON conventions, and WCSFA (West Coast SF Association, the registered society which oversees VCON, our annual SF&F convention which has been running off and on since 1971.) Technically, BCSFA is now the social activity branch of WCSFA and BCSFAzine is now the Newsletter of WCSFA.

This site has been created to:

a) Distribute  BCSFAzine in order to promote WCSFA and entertain fans everywhere.

( BCSFAzine was on hiatus. March 2023 Issue #551 is the first in a renewed, revived monthly newletter publication program.) 

b) Arrange monthly get-togethers once Covid is gone, probably in the form of dinner meetings at restaurants.

( Beginning to stir. Monthly lunch meetups in food court malls happening. ) 

c) Support future VCON conventions to the best of our ability.

( Remains to be seen if the convention can be revived. As yet not enough financial or volunteer support. )

d) Carry out other projects to promote SF&F in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and possibly elsewhere in B.C. depending on the whim and will of members as they see fit.

( This according to our mandate to promote SF&F. We haven’t done anything in a long time. All practical proposals under consideration. )

I maintain a BCSFA Facebook page which, among other things, contains albums of photographs re: past BCSFA events and VCONS. But it could also serve as a forum for discussing reviving BCSFA.

Check it out at:  British Columbia Science Fiction Association | Facebook

— R. Graeme Cameron

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