A VCON is a VCON is a VCON

The VCON Trademark is secure. It is once again owned by the British Columbia Science Fiction Association. It was purchased on behalf of BCSFA by its Chair, Moss Whelan.

Moss felt that doing so in the name of BCSFA is justified for at least two reasons: a) The continuity with the past rendered the application more credible, and b) he is not a member of the WCSFA board and therefore has no right to purchase the trademark on their behalf, besides which it had been stated by WCSFA that recovering the Trademark VCON “was a low priority right now.”

Moss believes that a commercial entity acquiring the VCON Trademark would have been inconvenient, to put it mildly, and so felt compelled to submit an application. The precedent for an individual taking out the Trademark on behalf of BCSFA was first established by Mike Bailey, the original owner, back in the 1970s. Nothing new.

However, to be clear, the current owner is not Moss, but rather BCSFA itself. And, speaking on behalf of BCSFA, both Moss and myself grant WCSFA and VCON free and clear use of the Trademark “VCON” for as long as BCSFA owns the Trademark. At some point in the future BCSFA could transfer ownership to WCSFA, but as this will cost money at a time when WCSFA’s priority should be to put VCON on a sound financial basis, it is not a high priority. BCSFA and WCSFA can simply agree to carry on using the same agreement that served us well for decades in the past.

It should be noted Moss Whelan “rescued” the trademark out of concern for the interests of BCSFA, WCSFA, and VCON. He does not wish to be reimbursed for the money he spent to accomplish this. He wishes it be considered his contribution to the future of BCSFA, WCSFA, and VCON.

On behalf of all three organizations, I shout a hearty “Thank you!” to Moss Whelan for this unexpected but pleasing action aimed at the revival of our fannish goals and interests. A wonderful Christmas present to us all!

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