BCSFA was founded in January 1970. Been around a long time.

Currently a small group of nostalgic ex-BCSFAns and VCON convention veterans. The club was dormant for a while. But now that it is serving as the social branch of WCSFA (the West Coast Science Fiction Association — a registered society), there is a revival of interest in its mandated activities. Many of interested parties are too old to want to get actively involved. What we need are an influx of current generation fans eager to see what they can accomplish..

In the ancient of days we used to throw parties in members’ homes twice a month, often with forty or more people attending, out of a total membership of more than a hundred mostly newly-graduated university students.

This was in the days before the internet. And before the growth of specialized, narrow focus clubs and organizations. Our membership has declined as people spun off to pursue particular interests, often with the aid of the World Wide Web. It can be argued that the need for a general interest SF club has disappeared, become obsolete, but I disagree.

After all, what about people like you and me? I love everything about the genre: Books, Movies, TV shows, Art, Gaming, Collecting, Conventions, Comics, History of Fandom, and darn near everything except Costuming, and that’s only because I don’t look good in ordinary clothes much less costumes.

I love Science Fiction so much I write a regular column for Amazing Stories Magazine (online), and publish two paying-market semi-professional SpecFic magazines called POLAR BOREALIS and POLAR STARLIGHT. I also publish a perzine titled “GREAT GALLOPING GHU!” and a FAPAzine called “ENTROPY BLUES.”

In short, I’m both a generalist and an enthusiast. Science Fiction, in all its aspects, is my main hobby. I’m sure some of you are equally crazy. Interested in getting involved with like-minded fen? Interested in forming a new BCSFA unencumbered by the baggage of the past and open to all the exciting possibilities of today?

Old timers, like myself, serving more relaxed interests in our senior years, have no desire to relive our youth. Been there, done that. What’s needed is a fresh crowd of enthusiasts with innovative ideas and a contemporary mindset. In essence, 21st century people in a 21st century club relevant as all get out to modern times and values. A club which looks to the future rather than to the past. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

I maintain a BCSFA Facebook Group Page which, among other things, contains photo albums of past BCSFA events and VCON conventions. But it could also serve as a forum for discussing and planning a revived BCSFA.

Check it out at:  British Columbia Science Fiction Association | Facebook

— R. Graeme Cameron